CryptocurrencyExchanges.com is a rapidly growing online publication (website) which provides reviews, guides, tips and general information about Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Company Information

CryptocurrencyExchanges.com is owned and operated by Crypto Media Group, a digital marketing agency based in the United Kingdom.

We have over half a million visitors per month across our network, which is growing rapidly.

Why did we start this site?

We created CryptocurrencyExchanges.com after noticing that there was a clear distinct lack of honest/reliable information about the cryptocurrency industry online.

With millions of dollars stolen over the years, it’s important that you stay safe trading cryptocurrencies online, so for this reason, we decided to make this website so that we could independently review exchanges all over the globe to help you navigate through the dangerous industry that it is.

Statement on Transparency

When you use links on this website, we may earn a commission for referring you to an exchange/service. We like to be transparent about this and let you know that in no way does it affect the way we review a service – if we don’t trust it, we won’t promote it. Throughout our content, we aim to treat you exactly the same as our family – if we wouldn’t refer family members to an exchange, we wouldn’t refer you.

The revenue generated from this site helps us to produce more content for you and maintain the site but also, it should be noted that we are a for-profit company.

Nevertheless, we have several values which we strictly adhere to in all of our content.


The main reason you visit a website is usually to get some information. Using this basic thought, we centre our values around providing you with the best experience. Our core values are as follows.

  • Providing you with as much value as possible
  • Showing honesty & integrity at all times
  • Exceeding expectations