Blockchair Review

Welcome to the Cryptocurrency Exchanges review of Blockchair. In this guide, we’ll be covering the main features of the site, why it exists and discuss their goals to transform the data standard in the crypto industry.

What is Blockchair?

Blockchair is the ‘Google’ of the blockchain world. It’s a privacy-focussed blockchain data and analytics website.

Blockchair Homepage

The main features of Blockchair are:

  • Block explorer for 14 different chains
  • Advanced blockchain insights (e.g difficulty & TPS)
  • Halving countdown clocks
  • Data dumps (large amounts of blockchain data)
  • Portfolio tracking

Why was Blockchair created?

Blockchair was created by an extensive team to provide people with a private way to access blockchain data. Typical blockchain explorers like use your data to track your funds among other crutial data points which help them increase their advertising revenue. Blockchair gives people a secure and private way to analyse data about their or external crypto addresses.

How is it private?

Firstly, Blockchair doesn’t share any data with ad networks or Google Analytics. In addition to this, Blockchair supports Tor (Onion v2 & v3) – allowing complete private access to blockchain data. Lastly, they do not use any cookies to track you whatsoever.

So, how do they make money?

Blockchair makes money by offering advertisement spots on the site – although the data they collect for this isn’t user-specific. The site gets over 400K visits/month, which is extremely valuable traffic for advertisers.

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