How to Sign Up on Coinmama

In this Coinmama registration guide, I’ll be giving you the steps you need to follow to sign up on the Coinmama platform and start buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin today.

Step 1: Go to website

The first step is to visit the Coinmama website at

Coinmama Website

Step 2: Click ‘Sign Up’

Next, click the button labelled ‘Sign Up‘.

Coinmama ‘Sign Up’ Button

Step 3: Enter account details

You will now see a page with the registration form on it. Enter your email address, a password you want to use, select your country and click ‘Create Account‘.

Coinmama Registration Form

Step 4: Confirm email address

Go to your email account and click on the verification link.

Step 5: Verify ID

Before you can buy cryptocurrencies on Coinmama, you’ll need to complete the verification process. This only takes a few minutes and is easy to follow.

Welcome to Coinmama page

Congratulations! You’ve successfully signed up on Coinmama.