Review: Crypto Exchange & App Guide is a cryptocurrency exchange and payment platform promoting the use of cryptocurrency around the world. The products they offer include the wallet/card phone application, crypto credit, MCO visa card, chain tokens for merchandisers, and Crypto Invest. has its own app, which allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes through their phones. They also provide gift cards and vouchers to popular restaurants and stores around the world. This application is supported by Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the Play Store or the Apple Store. It allows users to easily deposit and withdraw money using bank transfers or their credit cards. is one of the best online platforms for cryptocurrency exchange due to the variety of products and services they offer to their customers. 

Company was found in 2016 with the aim of promoting financial sovereignty. The CEO of the company is Kris Marszalek. The CTO is Gary Or, the CFO is Rafael Melo, and Bobby Bao heads the corporate development department. 

The primary focus of the team is to give users access to personal and digital financial sovereignty. Their vision is to see cryptocurrency in every wallet. To achieve this, is based on a phone application to give access to businesses and customers around the world. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company is legitimately operating with a sound regulatory system. There are over one million downloads of the app, and the platform is becoming increasingly popular in the crypto world. 

The wallet provides users with a platform to pay. They can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Ripple, and its own CRO and MCO tokens. is focused on the advancement of the blockchain industry. It has introduced the MCO Visa prepaid card, which helps users purchase and sell cryptocurrencies easily. 

According to the company, the crypto market has a lot of obstacles for investors and crypto enthusiasts. Using digital currencies to make payments should become more accessible as the world is shifting to a more digitalized system. 

The number of locations that offer such type of payment services is very limited. Moreover, using debit or credit cards for buying things in other countries is often more costly. The MCO card provided by does not entail any annual fees and can make international purchases cheaper for customers. 

The app also allows customers to make transactions on the go with their mobile phones in a secure environment. It does so through a very easy, albeit reliable process, and customers do not have to go through a complicated and long registration process to gain access to the crypto market. offers a variety of features that places it ahead in terms of its competitors. 

Features is becoming one of the favorite portals among crypto enthusiasts due to its features and services. Investors are provided with the ability to make cryptocurrency transactions with minimal processing charges and very low execution prices. It is no secret that their prices are one of the best in the industry. 

There is also an added advantage of high liquidity for investors. The platform supports a variety of digital currencies and facilitates trade between them at very fair and transparent prices without any high mark-ups. 

The platform also caters to the shopping needs of its customers. It supports the VISA card and allows about a 10% discount on spending on Expedia and Airbnb. There is also an additional 5% rebate in all spending done by its users. Talk about the perks!

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The company has a partnership with VISA. Therefore, its unique selling point is that it has created its own range of debit cards called the MCO Visa cards. The cards are backed with fiat currency of the user’s choice. They also bring in a lot of benefits for the card holder, depending on which card they get. The following cards are offered

  • Midnight Blue – It offers a 1% cash back and has a $200 ATM limit. 
  • Ruby Steel – It offers a 2% cash back and has a $400 ATM limit.
  • Precious Metal Series – These include the Jade Green and Royal Indigo cards. They offer a 3% cash back and has an $800 ATM limit.
  • Icy White/Rose Gold – they offer 4% cashback and have a $1000 ATM limit.
  • Obsidian Black – It offers a 5% cashback along with additional benefits. 

Another important feature of is that it allows investors to earn interest on their crypto deposits. The Crypto Earn feature within the app allows users to secure different quantities of cryptocurrencies to earn interest on them. This interest depends on the amount and the status of the MCO stakeholder. 

An 8% per annum interest is offered to all depositors. In certain cases, it can even increase to 12%. This service can provide users with a sizeable income, which is generally risk-free. It is important to note that the profits are calculated using simple interest, not compound interest. also provides an efficient credit facility. Users can easily apply for a loan by depositing their digital assets. These loans have some unique features and are credited instantaneously to your account. The process does not require any credit checks. There is also no repayment deadline, and users can repay the amount whenever it is convenient for them. 

Besides, there is no credit limit, which means that you can request as much credit as you want. However, users must remain vigilant of the terms and conditions of the loan before getting the credit.  

Investors may also find the automatic trading feature very useful. A trading account can be set up to get access to the trading strategies provided by The platform uses a unique trading system, which can be accessed free of cost. 

No entry, exit, or trading fees is imposed. 

The app has an added feature of price alerts. It works similarly to stock trading apps. Price alerts help traders keep track of their investments and how they are performing on the crypto market. They also help keep track of the interest rates being offered on loans. Price alerts of over 200 digital assets are provided. 


The platform is currently not charging any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

This is one of the main advantages of using However, it is important to note that the receiving or intermediary bank may charge their own fees on the amount of funds being transferred through them. 

With regards to the trading fees on the exchange, you pay 0.2% for each transaction with a basic account but you can get discounts on this if you trade more frequently on the exchange.

This fee varies by the location of the bank account receiving the funds. It is deducted from your withdrawal account when a request is submitted.

Deposits and Withdrawals supports the following cryptocurrencies for deposits.

There is no limit on the deposit amount, and no fee is charged while making the deposit. However, one shortcoming of this platform is that it does not support fiat currency yet. Users must ensure the correct wallet address before making their deposit. Otherwise, it can lead to a loss of funds. allows users to withdraw their cryptocurrency and transfer it to an off-site address, which could be an external wallet or exchange. For security, the user’s deposits are kept in cold storage. All withdrawals are automated. The app allows instant withdrawals and usually take up to two hours for processing. It is important to remember that the withdrawals are sent to a different address than your crypto deposit address. 

The process of making a withdrawal from the app is relatively simple. All users need to do is click on the “Transfer” button and go to the withdraw option. 

You will now be given the option to select the desired cryptocurrency and input the withdrawal address—type in the amount that you wish to withdraw and click send. It is important to remember that once a transaction is posted, it will not be reversed, which is why all information must be put in accurately to avoid any mishaps. will then confirm your withdrawal address and send a confirmation email as an acknowledgment of the request. An internal review takes place within the next 3 to 5 business days. Users are notified through email. The actual payment is processed in 6 to 8 business days, and the funds will be shown in your bank account. 

Although offers a smooth withdrawal process, it also imposes a limit on withdrawals. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $500. On a 24-hour rolling basis, users can withdraw an equivalent of $100,000 daily. 

On the 30-day rolling basis, the limit is defined at being equivalent to $500,000.

Verification: Is KYC required? has a KYC verification process as the company believes in compliance and states it as one of their core competencies. The process is relatively simple and does not require a lot of time. 

For the registration process to be complete, you will be required to provide some essential personal details and documents. It includes your full name, a picture of your identification card, and a picture of yourself. Accepted ID documents include your passport, driving license, or your state-issued ID card. 

To ensure that you are able to clear the verification process, you should keep a note of the following points:

  1. Enter your full legal name that is the same on the document you are going to attach. If initials or any abbreviations are used in the document, then make sure only to enter your full name. Ensure that the spellings you are entering are also correct.
  2. The picture that you upload of your identification document should be of good quality and must be taken in proper lighting. There must be no glare or reflection due to the camera’s flashlight. You can turn it off before taking the picture. Make sure the picture is clear, and the writing on it is visible. Users should clean the lens beforehand and hold the phone steadily over the document. The picture is captured automatically. 
  3. The app will then require you to capture a selfie. Ensure that you keep the phone steady while taking the picture. Your eyes will have to follow the green dot without moving your head. It is important to stay still for the picture to be taken. 

 After your submission, reviews your application in a case to case process. It can take up to a few business days (usually 3) and depends on your nationality and the country from where you applied. 

If the process takes longer than three days, then you can contact their support team through their in-app chat for help.

Users must not upload anything other than the required documents. maintains privacy standards and only uses personal information of its customers for verification of their addresses. This is applicable by regulation. It cannot use this information for any other use. 

When your verification process is complete, you will receive a confirmation. Users can then access the app and make any transactions that they want to. 

Account: Register & Login provides its users with a simple sign up process. To register yourself as a user, you need to select the “Sign Up” option on the website. You will then be asked to provide your email address. sends a confirmation email. You will have to confirm the registration by checking that email. The email will contain a “Connect to Exchange” link and will redirect to the site to add a password. And that’s it. This is how simple the sign-up process is. You will have the option to add external wallet addresses where you want to withdraw any coins. 

Countries App is currently supported in 70+ markets, including Asia, the United States (49 states), and Europe

Safety & Security has a robust company policy of maintaining the most secure practices in every business process.’s security is ensured in the following ways. 

Cold Storage

All the cryptocurrency of the users is kept in offline cold storage. maintains a partnership with a leading security and infrastructure protection company called Ledger. It helps them provide the best solutions for blockchain applications. It integrates Ledger Vault and Hardware security modules to provide institutional-grade custody solutions. has insured its cold storage for up to $260 million. It helps to keep their money safe against any significant loss or direct theft.

Hot Wallet

The money that is held in hot wallets consists of corporate funds. They are controlled by hardware security modules. Moreover, multi-signature key-generation techniques are used to safeguard them. The primary purpose of keeping funds in hot wallets is to ensure that the daily withdrawal requests of customers can be processed. Therefore, has fund security and can deliver on their promises. 

Cash Security

All fiat currency or cash of the customers are kept safely in custodian bank accounts. These accounts are regulated and secured. The balances of US residents are insured by FDIC insurance for up to $250,000 ensures the transfer of complete ownership of the fiat currency in the bank accounts. The company or its creditors do not have any claim to it.

Infrastructure Security

The company is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure its infrastructure security. AWS provides them with the following services:

  • Web application and network firewall solutions
  • Automated encryption of network traffic
  • Controlled encryption with TLS in all services
  • Cyber protection against any attacks
  • Contingency planning in case of an external attack

Compliance and Risk Management has a dedicated team for compliance and risk management to implement all company policies according to the regulatory requirements. They also perform internal reviews regularly to ensure full compliance. 

The company has partnerships with leading anti-money laundering and risk management providers. It also screens all the user’s deposits and monitors all transactions to ensure no irregular activity is occurring. Similarly, all withdrawal requests are also controlled to prevent any suspicious transactions and fraudulent activities. 

Transactions above a certain limit are required to be approved by the company’s operations team manually. They also use newly developed artificial intelligence and data analytics tools to screen all crypto and fiat transactions.

App Security also has also managed to solidify its mobile application security by using peer-reviewed code and a full-time dedicated staff to overlook any coding problems. They have also obtained certifications from Certik and Quantstamp

The app uses two-factor authentications to ensure the privacy and security of all its users. It includes a secure password, biometric verification, phone and email verification, and an authenticator.

One of the most distinguishing factors of is that it has ensured a detailed security assessment. They also use penetration testing and threat models to control any risk to outside attacks. It has the privilege of being the first crypto exchange company to receive an ISO27001:2013, PCI:DSS 3.2.1, Level 1 compliance, and CCSS certifications. This is also known as the gold standard for IT security. 

Therefore, users can be assured that the company is cautiously following all the safety protocols. This is also why is becoming a popular choice among investors around the world. They feel safe while using the app and its services. 

Customer Support offers an active customer support to address any customer queries and problems. They are always reachable and provide quick and apt feedback. Their customer support team can be easily reached by dropping them an email at They provide a quick service and deliver responses to inquiries within one business day. That is another positive of using this app.

Conclusion offers a range of services to its customers in the crypto world. Let us look at some of its pros and cons. 


  • The MCO VISA card provides a 1% to 5% cashback in the form of MCO tokens.
  • The lowest card tier can be tried out for free.
  • The interest accounts offer unusually high returns. Investors can earn up to 18% interest per annum on their deposits. 
  • Staking coins yields a lot of benefits and high returns.
  • The MCO Visa card is widely accepted around the world. 
  • The app is designed to be user friendly and is very intuitive.
  • An efficient customer support team is available 24/7 to handle all customer inquiries.


  • The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. All trading and transactions in cryptocurrency should be done with a proper risk assessment. Customers often do not understand the risks involved.
  • The stake coins can lose their value during staking periods.
  • The platform is only available as a mobile app. There is no desktop version that I available.
  • Users are required to make bank transfers to top up their accounts. There is no easier way to do this.

Overall, is one of the most powerful platforms that has emerged for crypto enthusiasts. It is a big step towards the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency for establishing a more independent and robust digital financial system in the world. 

The large variety of services it provides has made it a user favorite. The company has also ensured a foolproof security system that none of its competitors have. However, there are still many obstacles for to go through before it can emerge as an industry leader. 

The project is challenging to implement in every location around the world due to strict laws and regulations. Most of the places have not even recognized cryptocurrency as legal. There is a long road ahead to make cryptocurrency the popular choice across the world. However, might just be the platform that does that. The company is planning to expand its VISA card operations so that it can become accepted in every part of the world.

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