Phemex Deposit

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to deposit on the Phemex cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions along with screenshots which show you how to make a deposit onto the Phemex crypto exchange.

Phemex Deposit Methods

There is currently only one deposit method on Phemex; Bitcoin (BTC). You can deposit BTC instantly onto Phemex and begin trading. That being said, once you have deposited Bitcoin on Phemex, you can convert it to USD as they support both BTC & USD settled contracts – which is an awesome feature of the exchange as it lets you protect yourself from high levels of Bitcoin volatility.

Phemex Wallet Overview

How to Deposit on Phemex

To deposit on your Phemex account, follow the steps below.

1. Register on Phemex

First of all, you’ll need to open a free account on Phemex. To do this, click here (to claim $72 USD welcome bonus) and follow the registration instructions.

2. Go to the deposit page

To get your unique Bitcoin deposit address which you’ll need to fund your Phemex account, you have to visit the deposit page which is located under ‘Assets‘ > ‘Deposit‘ as shown in the screenshot below.

3. Copy your Bitcoin deposit address

You should now see the Phemex deposit page similar to the screenshot below. On this page, you’ll notice a Bitcoin QR code and your unique BTC address. Copy this Bitcoin address or write it down. Safety tip; make sure you are on

4. Send Bitcoin to your Phemex account

Now that you have obtained your unique Phemex BTC address, you will need to send Bitcoin to it in order to fund your account. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin and already own some, then go ahead and send BTC to the address. If you’re new to Bitcoin and don’t have any – you can buy some on Coinbase with credit/debit cards, then transfer it to your Phemex BTC address from your Coinbase account.

All you have to do now is wait – within a few moments, your Bitcoin should appear in the ‘Recent History’ tab beneath the Bitcoin deposit address on Phemex and then in a few more moments, it will be available in your account and you can start trading, you successfully deposited onto your Phemex account!

Phemex Deposit Fees

There are no deposit fees whatsoever on Phemex, they are completely free.

Phemex Deposit Bonus

Phemex offers a $150 USD deposit bonus for readers. Claim it by clicking here or by using the button below.

Phemex Deposit Confirmations

Your Bitcoin is available to trade after on confirmation on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Phemex Deposit Time

Since Phemex only requires one conformation for deposits, it only takes around 10-20 minutes for deposits to clear on Phemex.