Phemex KYC

Phemex is becoming one of the most popular venues for cryptocurrency derivatives trading. One of the most frequently asked questions about the Phemex exchange is whether or not it requires KYC (Know Your Customer) open account opening before you can trade. In this guide, we’ll be answering this question and giving you proof behind what we say.

Phemex does not require any KYC checks and thus, is a completely anonymous cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. We know this not only from first-hand experience but also because they have stated it on their website.

Now you may be thinking that I’ve just made that up, so I’ll show you exactly how I know this is the case.

In this article released on Phemex’s website, we can see that they state that KYC is not required to sign up and trade on the platform.

In addition to this, I tested out registering on the platform myself and found that, as stated, you can register instantly and start trading crypto derivatives without any identity checks or personal information forms. Here’s a screenshot the Phemex platform when logged into my account (they even give you a $2 bonus just for signing up). To claim the Phemex sign up bonus, click here.

Now you might be received to know that – Phemex joins the list of KYC-free exchanges, although, as with many other exchanges, will Phemex require KYC in the future?

It’s unclear whether or not Phemex’s stance on KYC will change in the future, it’s all down to how regulation develops and how harsh it becomes. For the moment, you can trade crypto derivatives anonymously on Phemex, but for how long, nobody knows. So with that in mind, get started trading on Phemex today by clicking the button below and claim your welcome bonus of up to $72 USD.

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